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Written By Wilfredo Allen on Monday, May 5, 2014 | 3:00 AM

Being attractive these days is about a lot more than the right clothes. You've got to have the right attitude... and the right hair! Today's women aren't just looking for a guy who knows how to dress; they want a man who knows how to groom themselves, as well. The best place to start is with your coif. If you have a rocking hairstyle, it's going to be much easier to turn the ladies' heads. From short and messy to long and flowing, we've got the guy's guide to great hair right here!

Whether in spikes or shags, short hair is in. Low maintenance and taking very little time, short and messy is popular with both professionals and teenagers. Spikes and shags are best handled with a little hair gel. If you're going for the short, messy look, you're going to need a great hair gel. Try to find a brand that holds the hair in shape, but doesn't make it stiff and clumpy once dry. There are several excellent options out there that are just for guys. Shop around and find what you like to handle your 'do appropriately. Who knows, you might even catch the eye of your hot next-door neighbor!

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Guys who have the confidence to carry it off can go with long, flowing locks. Think 80s hair bands like Guns 'n' Roses and their lead man, Axl Rose. He still has great hair, and girls go nuts for it! You can even use a flat iron to straighten it, if you have curls and don't like them, giving you the versatility to change your look from time to time. It takes a little more effort and energy (and probably some conditioner) to take care of longer hair, but your new girlfriend will thank you!

Crew cuts can be great with the right facial features. This is easily the most low-maintenance hairstyle there is, but it's not for everyone. Consult a stylist to see if it's right for you.

Medium-length hairstyles are very popular, as well. Wear it natural or with product, straightened or not, and always look your best. No matter if you're hanging with friends or going on a date, your medium-length 'do will be ready.

If all else fails, look to celebrities. Their styles are always on the leading edge of trends. Don't forget that Johnny Depp style set huge trends in male hairstyles. Find a celebrity with a look you like, gets some photos together for your stylist, and go for it!

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