2008 Hair Trends of Black Women Today

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This New Year is bringing in extensions galore! It is a great look for any African American woman. You will find that extensions are quite affordable and the long, wavy look can be obtained easily, no matter what the length of your hair is today. Although extensions have always been apart of the African American hairstyle trends, they are becoming more and more popular that you see them on the Hollywood stars more frequently as well.

If you are not prone to the extensions look or maybe this is a hair trend that is too expensive for your makeover budget, than you will want to consider the cute and stylish short hairstyles that may be classic but are also hot, no matter what shape your face is. The Halle Berry look is always popular and looks great on anyone, but those women out there with the more narrow faces can pull this look off spectacularly. What is great about this look is for 2008 you can grow this short hair style out just a little bit and create the wavy and crazy curls for a fun and spontaneous look, perfect for any occasion!

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For those of you out there looking for a bit longer hair style, but still on the short side, the smooth and sleek look of the short bob is perfect for you. This is a style that can be so versatile; you will never get bored of it! By creating this short bob with several different layers you can easily alternate between the smooth and sleek look to the layered and textured look that can be fun for going out or even fun for work! Although a few more products are required to maintain this hairstyle, it is more than worth it!

2008 is bringing the smooth and straight back into the spotlight and kicking out the popular curls and waves of last year. This means no matter how long your hair is you can straighten it out and spray some shine serum on it to make it sparkle in the light. By having your hair cut so it is angled around your face, this actually adds more body to your straight hair style. So if you are someone who does not like the look of the pin straight, consider the angled cut and make your straight look a little fuller of body than others.

2008 is literally bringing back the hairstyles of the past and putting a new cutting edge spin on them. This year, whether long hair is your preference or you prefer the short and sassy hair styles, they are both in style and you can make either look absolutely fabulous by using the right products to enhance these cuts on a daily basis. Before you book an appointment to change your look for the New Year, check with your hairstylist and get their opinion. They know your hair and your face shape best and they can help you make a decision that will look amazing, not look like a mistake. Not everyone is suited for each and every trendy haircut and only your hairstylist can help you make this decision.

You can also count on your hairstylist to help you learn how to style your new 2008 cut and what products are best to use for the textured look and the body boosting, etc. After all, you are changing your entire look so you want to make sure you can wear it properly, each and everyday without your hairstylist. Enjoy the new trends of 2008 and change your look dramatically today!

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