5 Fabulous Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions For Wedding Day

Written By Unknown on Saturday, April 5, 2014 | 7:00 PM

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most special in your life, but it can quickly turn south if anything is off the mark with the planning, or, even worse, your looks. As the center of attention, a bride should be beaming and beautiful. True, how you look on the outside is no indication of who you are as a person, but on the other hand, ask yourself how you would like to be remembered when walking down the aisle in front of some of your closest friends and family members. It doesn't take societal pressures to make you strive for your very best. Luckily, Jessica Simpson and hair designer Ken Paves have worked together to ensure that you will always have the look you need for that special day.

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Below the shoulder extensions for short hair. Shorter styles are becoming more popular with the times, with women such as Halle Berry proving just how possible it is to retain feminine beauty while veering away from length. While there is nothing particularly wrong with wearing your hair that way on your wedding day, many women love to rely on a more traditional princess look. That's where extensions come in. You can look the way you always envisioned without giving up the easier to take care of qualities that attracted you to short hair in the first place.

Full extensions for long hair. Why bother with extensions if you already have a beautiful head of hair? For fullness, of course. The layered effect adds to the thickness of your hair, and many available extensions, particularly those from Simpson and Paves, can be accustomed to the color of your hair while adding greater density.

Fine texture, short and long. If the TV show Friends taught the world anything, it's that fine, straight hair-short or long-can be very sexy. Rachel, the character played by Jennifer Aniston, was known for frequently choosing this look. Now you can go either direction for your wedding day with seamless extensions designed to blend in to your natural hair and create an unnoticeable addition that will shine under chapel lights.

Wavy hair, short and long. Whenever you want to add a little vitality and do something out of the ordinary without veering too far away from your natural hair, adding waves is a good start. Again, it doesn't matter how long or short your hair is. These can add the wavy effect for extra energy.

Long curls. Most women are envious of natural curls, but they no longer have to be because extensions today are able to recreate the effect and blend naturally with your thickness and color.

So however you want to look on your wedding day, stop worrying. These fabulous choices have you covered, lending confidence through competence.

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