Are Natural Home Remedies For Hair Loss Effective? How About Surgical Restoration?

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What should you consider when reviewing natural remedies for hair loss versus other options?

Does surgical hair restoration work better?

You might look at the following pros and cons to hair loss treatments before you invest your time and money!

If you're like I was, you realize time is working against you!

If you're going to have a chance to restore hair lost and your youthful look,If you can't stand the sight of looking in the mirror and you're receding hairline or bald spots any longer;

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I hope the following hair information will help you to make a wise and timely decision!

First, since you're looking for natural cures; the good news is that cheap & natural home remedies that grow hair back in men and women do have a measure of success!

Like myself, many have stopped hair loss naturally and even experienced new hair growth!

I won't guarantee you the same results I experience, but I can say with confidence; your chances are better than the gloomy hair loss pictures the experts scare you with.

I am a firm believer that a large percentage of hair problems that are blamed on genetics are due to other simpler problems!

I was in my mid-forties when I began losing my hair! After doing my own research I gained the knowledge I needed to completely restore a bald spot in back of my head 100% and even caused significant hair regrowth to my receding hairline!

Following are various treatments with pros and cons, as well as the opportunity to find a natural home remedy that worked for me!


Included in the various treatments, one can find cosmetic hair treatments to make you look like you have more hair, use certain hair loss drugs that are designed to treat the hair follicle and there are surgical procedures that will graft hair from one spot to another.

Also there are many hair loss miracle claims to treating bald spots and other hair problems, which include many pharmaceutical treatments and natural herbal treatments. There are also hair restoration pills, shampoos, conditioners and lotions that all have miracle claims!

Modern technology has provided many hair loss treatments including ultraviolet procedures, laser treatments and other hair follicle stimulating procedures of which none have very scientific proof of working.

Here are most of the options you will come across as you consider the natural approach versus the alternatives.


PROS:There are many varieties of hair systems. They are often called hair appliances, extensions, units and nonsurgical solutions.

If you are completely bald, you can always wear a wig. To cover a limited bald spot, you don't have to wait for the hair to grow back; if it does at all! This is often a good option for those who just have temporary loss of hair.

You have the option of getting human hair or the more costly synthetic pieces. Synthetic pieces have more problems to maintain. Synthetic last longer, but it doesn't look as real as human hair.

There are different ways to secure a hair piece, but it seems the best way and most popular is double-sided tape. Also there are liquid adhesives and weaving which is also effective.


:Surely, the disadvantage is that it never looks like the real thing. There's nothing like the original!

But there are many other problems that come along with wearing hair systems, whether they are natural or synthetic.

There's always the self-conscious feeling that somebody notices it's not real! This is almost as uncomfortable as hair loss itself.

Other disadvantages include difficulty in matching the real hair with the attachment, fear of it coming off, rashes caused by hair piece adhesives which are very common, hair hygiene problems because of smelly hair pieces and costly prices.

A big disadvantage is price!

Purchasing a wig can be one of the most expensive options you consider. A low-quality wig can average about $600 while a good quality option can start at $1000 and go as high as $7,000.

Then you can double that price, because you need to purchase at least two. When one requires cleaning, you have a spare to wear. They also don't last forever and need to be replaced.



The convenience of taking drugs and medications to stimulate growth and to try and restore hair is probably the most positive advantage. It requires very little commitment other than remembering to take your medication.

There are proven medications that cause hair growth results.

Propecia is the most prescribed medication for men. However this is not something pregnant women should be taking because of potential side effects.

Probably, second is Rogaine which is also known as minoxidil. Rogaine is used by both men and women. Aldactone hair prescription is also prescribed for women only.

Studies have shown that men who take Propecia when their hair loss just begins, more than 50% stop losing hair.

CONS:Like all drugs and pharmaceuticals, they have potential side effects.

While Propecia is probably shown to be most effective for treating genetic pattern hair problems, it was originally a prescribed medication for treating enlarged prostate glands.

While it does have positive results, the hair quality that is grown is shorter and thinner. Also, to maintain the benefits; you must continue taking Propecia. If you stop taking it, you can expect your hair to start falling out again!

Most other pharmaceuticals are questionable. Many medications claiming to stop hair loss have failed controlled clinical tests for effectiveness.

The most effective:

Propecia is prescribed for men only, due to possible side effects for pregnant women.

Rogaine minoxidil, is effective treating both men and women. Rogaine was first used as a medication to treat high blood pressure.

Aldactone generally prescribed for women only, due to the side effects possible in men.

Propecia is considered the most effective treatment for genetic hair lost. Propecia is the brand-name for the drug finasteride. The United States Food and Drug Administration approved the same drug for treating enlarged prostate glands. However, a lower dosage is used for hair loss.

Although Propecia is effective, the growth that it stimulates will be shorter and smaller hair shafts than normal. Also the density is usually less than desirable.


PROS:Shampoos, conditioners and various products can enhance the condition and appearance of your hair, providing a fuller look. You can also do a search for hair gels, lotions foam sprays and mousse to create a better appearance.

Products that are effective, can remove excess and dirty oils, stabilize moisture and make your hair more manageable.

There are ways to improve your appearance with cosmetic treatment that add content and color to your hair. They are usually called dust and fiber products. This can make thin hair look thicker.

CONS:Some products can improve the health of your follicle or roots of your hair, but in many cases these products just improve your appearance. Also most contain chemicals that ultimately are not good in the long term care.

Cheap $.99 chemical based shampoos and conditioners are probably responsible for more frizzy and poor hair health than we realize.

Hair dyes may produce a better appearance however the long term effects are not desirable. Because your natural hair color grows back, you are constantly applying more and more unnatural hair substances.


Cosmetic hair treatments are also just temporary.


Most of us have already tried different styles and cuts to make our hair appear to be fuller. Some may even color their scalp to make it blend in with their hair to look fuller.


these measures are temporary and need to be repeated over and over. Despite the wonders of modern technology, cosmetics can only do so much and it doesn't give you the confidence that real hair provides.


The first hair graft was done in United States in 1952. The method makes small punches to transplant patches of skin and hair from one area of the scalp to another.


Probably the most effective surgery for male pattern baldness is follicular unit micrografting.

This surgical hair procedure involves the process of taking hair from one location of the scalp and grafting it in areas that need more hair. This is modern technology at its best and it does wonders for follicle replacement.

The procedure makes it possible to restore more hair loss areas, make hair more natural looking, and has a short healing time, compared to other procedures.


Because this procedure does require surgery, there are sutures needed to sew back the area of the scalp in which the graft is taken from.

Sutures are usually taken out after one week. Then after about six months you may go back for another graft and do the process all over again to further improve your hair density.

After the surgery you will be prescribed pain medication. Pain may vary depending on your discomfort level. However, the pain usually does not last longer than several days to a week and usually you can go back to work after a day.

The cost of the grafting procedure; depending on how many graphs you will require; may cost between $1000 and $10,000 or so per graft session.

Also take the following into consideration:

you will require sutures in the area of your scalp because of donor hair must not take blood thinning medications which could cause bleeding during surgery.antibiotics will be prescribed after surgery to prevent infection.possible post surgery may include bleeding, redness, bumps or excessive swelling.It takes about six months before you go in for another session if you require further grafting.

So those are most of your options for hair restoration compared to the natural approach.

Summarizing; wigs and hair pieces can be instant solutions, the most effective medicines are Propecia for men and "the combination of Spyronolactone and hormone therapy for women," according to hair expert, Dr. Peter J. Panagotacos.

The most effective surgical solution is follicular unit micrografting.


When it comes to home remedies for hair, most people take seriously into consideration two factors!

They are; how much will it cost? And how much do I have to commit to the process?

In terms of costs, for the meager cost of a large pizza and breadsticks, I had in my hands all the information that would eventually bring restoration to the bald spot in back of my head and restore a great portion of my hairline & balding in front!

I was using bandannas to cover my bald spot in back and an empty hairline!

Secondly, if you get the correct knowledge, the commitment itself is very reasonable if your hair is important to you!

You would be surprised what you can do despite the usual excuses about genetics that the experts idolize!

They don't want to tell you that there are cheap home remedies that grow hair back for men and women because it's money out of their pocket!

When I started losing my hair at about 44 years old, I invested a lot of time and prayer and research to find information that would get me back my hair!

The cost and effort was well worth it!

It took a few lifestyle changes, nutritional & eating habits, supplements, and about 13 simple checklist steps (which most I don't even think about any more). The benefit of keeping a natural covering on my head is worth the effort!

I would have to say the number one and foundational step for restoring and maintaining my hair is bodybuilding protein.

Protein is very important! To revitalize and restore all parts of the human body you need protein. But not just any protein, the right kind for hair growth is important! The secret is in the quality and consistency that you take!

Secondly, I used what I consider practical & natural hair cure techniques that caused hair growth in the course of about 12 weeks! Because I wanted to monitor my results, I took pictures when I started and so I have before and after pictures to prove it!

Probably the greatest disappointment with natural hair restoration is the longer you wait to try it, the harder it is to restore your hair that has fallen out. Secondly, it's like growing a plant. You won't see the results right away. You have to wait for the duration of the harvesting cycle!

However, when it grows, it's real and it's yours!

Before you decide to follow any advice from this article, make sure you consult your doctor and nutritionist for your particular health needs.

Before you make huge financial investments and commitments, take a short time to seek natural hair remedies that work!

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