For Brides With Short Hair: Wedding Veil Suggestions

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Up or down? Sleek straight or romantic curls? With or without veil? How about bridal hair accessories? When choosing a bridal hairstyle, these are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself. Naturally, every bride would want to look her glowing, radiant best on her big day. The best way to be just that is to choose the perfect bridal dress which you should pair with a flattering, beautiful bridal hairstyle.

Tips for Choosing Veils for Brides with Short Hair

It really is quite easy for brides with long hair to go with almost any type of hairstyle. They can put it up in a sleek updo, they can wear it down with elegant curls, or they can have intricate braids which can even be woven with fresh flowers. But what about brides who do not wear their hair long? If your locks do not last up to your shoulders or if you have a really short hairstyle, how are you supposed to wear your hair?

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The solution is to choose a bridal veil which you can wear with a short hairstyle. If you have long hair, veils which are part of a mile-wide train can be worn because there's plenty of hair to anchor the veil with. This proves to be a challenge if you have really short hair. What you can do is ask your stylist to choose the right bridal veil for you. You can wear almost any length of veil as long as there's a twist or braid in your hairstyle to lock the veil with.

For hair which reaches up to your chin, you can wear a waist-length veil with a ribbon edge. Even if you have a pixie cut, you can still wear a veil by having the material stitched into a wreath or circlet.

Other Short Bridal Hairstyle Ideas

Here are a few more tips on how you can choose the right veil if you're a bride with short hair:
- If you have really short hair when your man popped the question, do you have plenty of time to grow it a bit longer before you walk down the aisle? If you do, that's all for the better because your locks will be a bit more easy to style.

- If you don't have time to grow your hair a bit longer, work with your stylist. Can your hair be pulled back into an elegant French twist to make it look longer? You can actually pull this off if you have chin-length hair. Having your hair styled in an elegant twist will also make it easier to attach the veil.

- Another hairstyle that's suitable for brides with short hair is to pull back your locks just a little at the crown. You can use the hair at the crown to anchor the veil with, or put bridal hair accessories into.

A Final Word on Choosing a Hairstyle for Your Big Day

As a bride with short hair, remember that accessories like veils, tiaras, crowns, combs and pins are your best friend. By using these bridal hair accessories, you can make your locks look longer than it actually is. If you have really short hair, you can simply wear a headband with pearls, a tiara or tuck a piece of rare orchid at the back of your ear. Work with your stylist so that you can come up with the perfect hairstyle for women with short hair, so that you can look your best as a bride on your big day.

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