How Do You Cut Hair?

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There's an art nowadays for cutting hair as studied by expert hairdressers. They know that males and females can change their personality when they change their hairstyle. Unique hairstyles always catch the attention of the public, fashion fans and so much more. When a person has a unique hairstyle, observers are always divided. They will love style or not and it totally depends on the current fashion trends, if the style actually suits the individual and how well the hairstyle has been presented.

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So how do you cut hair?

What is very important when cutting hair, no matter if you are just cutting your own hair or you are a hairdresser is of course the tools used. Tools like the shears, scissors and/or razors which are needed to cut hair. Every tool will play its own part to the overall end result, if used correctly. A new hairstyle can have a very big impact on the person. Good styling tools are not the only important factor; it will also depend on the hairdresser and their skills with the tools.

Every hairstylist has a different technique which will vary depending on the type of hair as well as the desired style of haircut.

Do you cut hair wet?

Many hairdressers like to wet the hair first before cutting as they believe the hair can be handled easier. But if this 'wet haircutting' technique is not carried out with care and attention, the hairstyle can end up looking completely different when the hair becomes dry.

Do you cut hair dry?

The dry haircut technique is a much easier way of cutting hair if you have little experience. You will be able to determine how the haircut is looking as you cut. There's also wet to dry haircutting. This type of technique involves your hair being sprinkled with water while being cut, followed by blow drying.

Do you cut hair with clippers?

Nowadays, many hairstyles are created with the use of electric clippers. Cutting with clippers more of a cool, rough style. Using clippers can either make the person look cool and contemporary or look like a hard looking drill sergeant with a short and spiky hair cut. Clippers can be used to cut both men and women's hair but it does require a steady hand as mistakes are easily made.

Everyone cuts hair in a different way. As always, practice makes perfect. Just be wary of who you practice on. Get it wrong and they may have something to say that you won't wish to hear!

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