Men's Hair Straighteners Are the Well Groomed Professional's Secret

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Thursday, April 17, 2014 | 3:00 PM

Maybe, a few decades ago, only women openly admitted to using hair straighteners to manage their hairstyle. That's no longer the case. In the modern world, social life and business activities require that men as well as women look their best at all times. Today, men as well as women are likely to own a set of hair irons for keeping their hairstyle where they want it to be.

The product lines of some manufacturers of popular brands include men's hair straighteners designed especially for them. Men's hair straighteners are typically similar in size to the traditional mini hair irons. Men, generally, have shorter hair styles and require hair straighteners that are designed for managing short hair.

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There is not a significant difference between the design of hair straighteners for men and women, except for the width of the plates. In fact, many men are probably using their partners hair irons for a quick touch up. Some models have a design shape or color that is intended to appeal to a man's sense of aesthetics, but that has no affect upon function, simply marketing. A set of men's straighteners would be a great gift idea for a woman who is looking for the perfect gift for her man. He ends up with a great gift, and she regains the exclusive use of her own stylers.

Those who think that hair irons are used only to flatten or contour hairstyles have had little actual experience with hair straighteners. They also add a certain shine and sleek conditioning, which is the reason that they are so frequently used by those with short hair. Most men have discovered the value of hair irons by experimenting with those of their partners, or by having their hair styled professionally.

I'm sure you've been in a professional business office where the man with which you were meeting had a certain polished confident look that you couldn't quite define. That look usually is the result of appropriate dress and excellent grooming. Well managed hair is critical to that winning professional look, and well managed hair needs a good set of hair irons for support and repair.

Regardless of how they became introduced to men's hair irons, the effect has been positive, and men are increasingly purchasing their own hair irons to manage their hair styles. If your man's birthday is coming up, why not get him his own set of men's hair straighteners? If you're a man, why not drop a hint to your partner? In any household with two people, two sets of straighteners are always better than one.

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