Oh! The Changes My Hair Has Seen!

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As life changes around us, the styles and the colours of our hair change with it. Our crowning glory reflects changing fashions, our blind faith in our hairdresser and our own self-esteem.

The men in our lives can only look on sometimes with pleasure, sometimes with fright and sometimes pretending that they have not noticed anything different. Whether it is a radical or a subtle colour change or different coloured foils or a new hair style, the women of today have grown up with a lot more choices that our mothers had.

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Here are the ups and downs in the story of my hair. Can you relate to it?

Short hair really suits me. But!

I have grown it long. Three times I grew it down to my shoulders and then I cut it off again. It became too thick, too hot and too annoying. To this day I do not know why I decided to wear a shoulder-length dark hairpiece over my short hair on my wedding day. It fooled no-one. My hair has been super short. When I had a hairdresser cut out a curly perm that was done two weeks before with a different hairdresser, I was not expecting it to end up half an inch all over.

My mother and my aunt gave me and my cousin our first perms at age 11. I am not sure that we agreed to it. I kept coming back to perms and body waves over the years, always in the hope that this time I would have lovely curls and waves like the movie stars. Finally gave up on that one when I had a body wave to cheer me up two days after a minor operation. Neither my hairdresser nor I knew that even a little anaesthetic will send a body wave into tight curls. Another cut out-job but not super short this time.

My hair colour has always been in the darker range. At least I have learnt something. Many times I have taken the advice of hairdressers and experimented with colours from dark reds to purple-black. These medium to dark foils worked but not the yellow-blonde ones that I agreed to in a moment of weakness. For fun I have on two occasions worn a blonde wig. My introverted friends cringed at the sight of me and my extroverted friends tried to take the wig off my head so that they could wear it.

A while ago at the age of 61, I decided to let my hair go grey naturally as I wanted to discover how this would change me and what I wore. After my hairdresser had laughed at me when I asked her to dye it all grey, I had to settle for letting nature take its course. I do not know why I expected it to go silver in six months when my mother still had some dark hair at the age of 90. It has been an interesting process and for a while my hair was a very striking and dramatic mixture of black and silver. The other interesting part is watching other people's reactions to my greying hair.

My hair and I are comfortable now at 65. I only make small changes to keep it modern. My hairdresser and I play with variations on short-hair styles to keep it from being boring.

My next project is to turn it into a work of art as I have seen some women do with their white or silver hair. That may be quite a while in the future as my black hairs seem quite determined to stay with me, especially the block of dark hair at back of my neck.

Whatever the future brings, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time. My hair will just have to put up with it.

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