Hair Extensions: Bringing The Glamour To You

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Saturday, May 3, 2014 | 9:00 PM

As women, we all like to make an effort every now and again. Whether it is for a special event or you just want to feel good on an ordinary day, hair extensions are the ultimate fashion and beauty accessory that can take you from boring to glamorous in an instant. Long hair instantly looks glamorous, especially if it is healthy and bouncy but not all of us are fortunate to have such naturally beautiful locks.

This is why hair extensions have become the new must-have beauty accessory with women all over the world turning their backs on short, flat styles and embracing thick, long luscious locks that just scream glamour. Of course extensions don't have to be over the top and glamorous, if you just want to enhance what you've already got with some extra length or volume then you can achieve a beautifully natural style with extensions.

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Hair extensions have now come on so far that no-one need ever know that you are wearing them. The bonds nowadays are gentle to your hair and scalp and virtually undetectable by sight or touch. In the past, the media have reported horror stories of extensions causing unnecessary strain on the hair and scalp and even bald patches. However, this is all a thing of the past as today's extensions are completely safe and if fitted properly and properly maintained, won't cause any damage to your natural hair- in fact some even see an improvement to the condition of their hair!

Extensions are a great way to drastically change your look and you can literally walk into a salon with a short style and leave hours later with a brand new head of long, gorgeous hair. With hair extensions the styling options are quite literally endless. You can have great fun styling your hair for a special occasion or just enjoy waking up everyday and having beautiful hair that really doesn't need much doing to it.

If you go for high quality hair extensions the hair will be of a stunning quality called virgin hair which means that it has never been coloured, treated or exposed to harsh heat. This means it will be soft, smooth and shiny and will look great when blended with your own natural style. The quality of extensions now on offer means that extensions no longer look fake or tacky. Because the hair is real human hair it looks and behaves exactly like your own and can be styled and treated like you would normally.

Hair extensions application methods have also come on leaps and bounds. No longer do you need to use harmful glue to attach the extension hair to your own hair as there is now a new brand of fusion bonding which uses gentle bonds that are easily attached and removed without any fuss or damage.

Hair extensions are a great addition for any women looking to update their look and enhance their natural beauty. Hair really can make a big difference to how a person looks and feels so it is important to get it right; with professionally applied extensions you can get that confidence to know you look good at all times.

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