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Long, lustrous and healthy hair is a gift of nature. Traditionally, hair is an integral part of women's beauty, so women over centuries have adopted various means to enhance the look of their hair.

Wearing natural flowers in the hair was popular in the old times. After flower hair bands and clips gained popularity during the latter half of the 1900s. Flower motifs and prints were popular from the 1950s to the 1980s. In recent years, flowers have made a strong comeback in the world of women's fashion. A woman's vanity case today, isn't complete without hair accessories like clips and flowers.

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Hair flowers come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. The corsage type hair flower clips are the most popular ones with women because of their elegance and beauty. Corsage flower clips look great with formal and semi-formal hairstyles like chignons, French-knots, long curls, crimps etc. Hair flower clips with either jeweled or plastic flower embellishments go with almost all hairstyles, cuts and look.

When to use Hair Flowers

Weddings: Flower clips, especially of the ornamental variety, are perfect to accessories your hair for weddings. Whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid or an invitee, special flower accessories for your hair get it right at the time.

Clip in a corsage flower clip matching with your gown, or slide in a few clips with jeweled flower embellishments; Hair Flowers look pretty and sophisticated at the same time.

Glamorous Events: Got a red-carpet event, cocktail party, horse race or luncheon invitation? Then, hair flower clips are essentials for the occasion. Beautiful hair is a great confidence booster. Part of how you carry yourself among people, and in high-profile events or parties, has a lot to do with how your hair looks.

Hair flower clips not only accessorize your hair, but make you look feminine and elegant when you desire.

Corporate Events: On special corporate occasions or gathering with colleagues, small flower hair clips are just the perfect accessories for your hair. They compliment the formal look with a dash or feminine style and glamour.

Prom Nights, Birthdays, and Halloween: Depending on the theme of the party, you can go creative with flowers for your hair. Stick in some feathers and jewels to perfect the Orient look or go a bit on the crazy side to dress like a glamorous vamp on fright night. Corsage clips, jeweled flowers and ribbons can be combined to suit your Prom look.

Casual Meetings: Whether it's a night-out, a drive-in movie, a picnic, or even a short adventure trip with your gang of girlfriends, coed group or boyfriend, Hair Flowers help flaunt your hair to the best advantage.

Where to Shop for Hair Flowers?

The Internet offers you quick and easy shopping opportunities. You can survey a hundred shops in mere 1 hour's time to find perfect flower clips for yourself. Besides, you can also look up different hairstyles and experiment with your flower clips.

Remember, Hair Flowers for long hair is a bit different than flowers for short hair. Plus, you should also take note of your hair color before choosing colorful flower clips. While black hair looks great in all flower colors and white flowers go with all hair colors, the same is not true for a combination of colored hair and colored flowers.

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