Hair Removal - Permanent Or Temporary

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Just about every body, at one time or another, needs to remove hair and many times the thought of permanent hair removal comes to mind. There are many choices for hair removal and the choice should be based on a few factors.

What methods are available?

What are the permanent hair removal methods?

From what body area do you want to remove it?

Short Term Hair Removal Methods-

Shaving - Both wet razor and electric shavers. Used mainly by men for their chins. Many women also shave their legs. Though the hair appears to grow thicker this is not so. What happens is that the hair is cut at skin level at an angle. The regrown hair is therefore harder to the touch.Waxing - This is the application of a hot wax(an alternative wax method uses cold wax), over the desired area. Once it hardens it is ripped out against the growth. Mainly used for leg hair removal, although you can use it on other areas. Over time the hair weakens and this means that regrowth is slower.Plucking - Perhaps the oldest hair removal method and the chances are that everybody has plucked some hair at one time or another. As a formal hair removal method it is usually used for eyebrow plucking or the removal of stray hairs. Sugaring and threading are also part of the plucking family.Depilatories - Chemical creams or gels that cause a reaction to the hairs, breaking them down so that they can be wiped off with a towel or tissue. Depilatories are used mainly by women. If you begin using a depilatory it is always best to try it out over a small area in case of skin reactions (after all it is a chemical compound and different people have different reactions).Permanent Hair Reduction-

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Laser - Laser hair removal is a longer term hair removal method. It cannot be classified (under FDA guidelines) as a permanent hair removal method as yet, but it is a permanent hair reduction method. In simple terms what happens is that a beam of light is focused on the follicle that is transformed in heat. The hair absorbs it and is in turn disabled.Permanent Hair Removal-

Electrolysis - This is the only hair removal method that can be classified in the US (under FDA guidelines) as a permanent hair removal method. This method applies an electric current to each individual hair being treated. The electric current destroys the hair. It is a lengthy process that will usually require various sessions.Body Areas and Recommended Hair Removal Methods-

In general terms, electrolysis and lasering can be applied on all body areas; therefore the following recommended methods are all temporary, meaning that hair growth will take place between one day and three weeks.

Eyebrows - Although some people do shave their eyebrows, the recommended methods are all derived from plucking. These are: Tweezing, threading, waxing or sugaring.Upper Lip, Chin, Mustache and Beard - For men, shaving is the norm, while for women waxing or sugaring.Back of Neck - For men this can be either shaving or clipping. Women on the other hand should wax or sugar. Having said that for some short hair styles, shaving is quite acceptable.Shoulders, Back, Arms, Hands, Tummy - You should avoid shaving on the shoulders, back or stomach as there is the risk of skin irritation and ingrown hairs. You should also be very careful shaving areas where you cannot see as the risk of cuts is large. The best methods for these areas are sugaring or waxing. A warm shower right after the hair removal reduces the risks of skin irritation.Underarms - Shaving is the recommended method but has to be done carefully as the hairs in the underarm grow in diverse directions. Avoid deodorants immediately after but do use a moisturizing cream. Waxing and sugaring can also be used, although it can be painful in this area.Pubic Area and Bikini Line -Clip down the length of the hair with scissors. Then apply wax or a sugaring solution. Shaving, either with a wet razor or an electrical razor can also be used, but be aware that the regrowth period can be uncomfortable and painful due to stubble. You should avoid depilatories as they can cause serious irritation.Legs, Feet, Toes -The most popular methods are shaving and waxing. A leg shave, where you must be careful of cuts, means that this is a very short term solution (up to three days). Waxing is a longer term but for best results you have to wait until the hair is about a quarter of an inch long.

There are many hair removal alternatives, where at the end of the day your choice should take into account the cost, the regrowth period, possible skin reactions and the ease of use.

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