How to Keep the Appearance of Your Hair Thick and Healthy If Your Hair is Thinning

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Sunday, May 11, 2014 | 5:00 AM

Believe it or not, I often find that people are more concerned with the appearance of their thinning hair than they are with why their hair is thinning in the first place and what they can do to fix this.  Improving the appearance of thinning hair and making it look thicker, healthier, less flyaway, and filled with more volume is among the most common concerns that I'm asked to address.  I'll go over some tips for accomplishing these things in the following article.

Don't Over Condition But Wash Enough:  If your hair is fine or thin, it's likely that it's easily weighed down which can cause it to look sparse or stringy.  To avoid this, you must make sure that there are no excess oils, sebum or products weighing it down too much.  Often people with hair loss are tempted to wash their hair less because each time they shampoo they see more hair in the drain. It's important to realize though that avoiding this will likely only lead to more androgens on the scalp, possibly clogged follicles, or inflammation.  Simply put, you need the healthiest scalp that you can manage so you can't neglect it. 

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However, although you should be generous with gentle and appropriate shampoo, you shouldn't over condition. Fine or thin hair will look greasy and weighed down as the result. I know that some people will skip conditioner, but doing so will rob you of volume.  The best case scenario is to either find a very light weight conditioner made for fine hair or to condition first and then shampoo second.  What I mean by this is to wet your hair gently work the conditioner or creme rinse through and then rinse it out and then shampoo as the last step.  This will remove any build up and will give you more volume.

Get A Good Hair Cut: A good hair cut can camouflage a lot of flaws in your hair.  Adding color or curl can do the same.  Some people assume that a short hair cut will look thicker.  This is sometimes true.  But occasionally, a short cut will only make the scalp show through more.  Most women do well with a full bob that tapers forward.  Adding body or curl can work wonders too.  You don't want your hair to be long enough where you can actually see through the sides.  Cut to where this begins to happen.

Many people swear by volumizers but I would say to be careful to only use light weight options that wash out easily without build up or irritation.  You don't want your hair to look teased or overdone.  This only draws more attention to what you're trying to cover up.

Lift At The Roots: There's an old trick for curly hair that works well for thin hair too.  People with curls have a tendency for their hair to fall like dead weight on the side of their head. To counter this, they're often advised to place clips to lift the root while the hair is drying.  This helps the hair lift away from your head and to look fuller.  You can get the same effect by allowing your hair to dry in a towel that you applied by bending forward so that all of your strands are drying lifted away from your head.

Figure Out Why You Are Thinning And Address It: Camouflage will only get you so far.  To really grow healthy hair again, you'll need to figure out why this cycle is happening and you'll need to fix it. Something is compromising your ability to maintain and regrowth normal hair.  The best styling techniques in the world can't band aid the problem forever.  Sure these things can help your appearance and will buy you time, but you'll need to address why this is happening to truly over come it.

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