Quality Hair Care Isn't Just for Women

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Although women still dominate the hair care industry, more and more men are becoming interested in hair styling, hair care products and a wider variety of haircuts.

Longer hair has recently become popular, though almost-shaved looks are still common too, as well as a variety of others. A natural look and easy maintenance are important, although some men like to experiment with newer styles.

How do I decide what haircut looks best on me?

This is something to discuss with your barber or hair stylist. Some factors that enter into this decision are:

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· Your type of work

· How much time you're willing to spend on maintenance

· How experimental you're willing to be with a new style

A corporate executive or lawyer, for example, will probably want to avoid a spiky cut or a ponytail. But he may also want to avoid that every-hair-in-place look. A man who works outdoors in warm weather will probably want to keep a short hairstyle.

How can I tell a good haircut from a bad one?

If there's any clear line, or demarcation, visible where shearing stopped and clipping began, it's not a good cut. It should all look well blended and even on each side. There should be a clean line around the ears and neck. A good cut will continue looking good as your hair grows. Photo gallery.

Find a good barber or hair stylist and treat him well!

The easiest way to find a good one is to ask someone whose haircut you like where he had it done. Treat your barber with courtesy and kindness and he'll likely do a better job for you. If you know what sort of haircut you want, be clear about describing it or better yet, take a picture to show him. Otherwise, listen to his suggestions, look at the pictures he'll show you, and come up with a plan together.

Make an appointment!

Don't try to just squeeze your haircut in. Make an appointment so that enough time will be available for your barber or stylist to take care and do a good job. Make the appointment in the middle of the day if you can, when things may be slower, and certainly don't make it at the end of the day, when everybody's tired and wants to go home.

What can I do about a receding hairline?

Some men have the front cut short, which makes the receding less obvious. Some have a baldhead, such as many athletes. A burr is a very short cut for the entire head such as military recruits receive (about 1/8 of an inch). You could try a caesar cut, where the top hair is layered between 1 and 3 inches, and brushed forwards. Hair implants are a possibility too.

The messy look

This look might be easy to achieve naturally! But to look stylishly messy, you need the right sort of short cut and a gel or hair paste. (Paste is similar to gel but has less shine.) After your shower, don't comb your hair. Apply the paste and mess your hair a little to make it fall in a random way. Done properly, it looks relaxed and attractive.

Why do some men get their hair thinned?

If you choose a long hairstyle, your barber will usually thin it as well to reduce its weight and bulk. It's done with a feather razor and doesn't shorten the overall look, just gives it a lean look.

Some haircutting terms to use with your barber

· Arch: the line of the hair around the ear. It can be cut high or left to enhance the natural hairline. If you want it left natural, tell your barber.

· Brush cut: a kind of modified crew cut where the top is cut to ¼ to ½ an inch, and then combed upwards.

· Businessman's cut: a conservative-looking cut, tapered at the sides and back and long enough on top to comb and part.

· Taper: refers to the hair length being gradually shortened to zero length. A tapered nape is on the back of the neck and it need not be a shaved look, just a gradual shortening.

· Fade: a strong taper, where the hair at the sides is tapered severely up to the longer hair on the top of the head.

· High and tight: a style where the whole sides are cut to the scalp and the top is at crew-cut length
· Layer Cut: A style done only with shears, where the hair can be of any overall length, but is in layers of different lengths

· Mullet: a style where the sides and top are cut fairly short but the back is allowed to be quite long.

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