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Written By Unknown on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 | 9:00 AM

In this day and age many women want a fresh new hairstyle. most women these days are going for short hairstyles. In years past short hair on women has not been very popular. But more recently it has become and more common with women throughout the nation. The truth is a properly done short hairstyle can make a woman look terrific.

On some women short hair can be a curse or the difference between looking terrific or extravagant is a large margin. Picking the correct hair style for you can bring out the best features in your face. Now let's face it some women look terrific no matter what hairstyle they wear. Long or short curly or straight it just doesn't matter. Unfortunately not all of us have this blessing and we must choose a hairstyle that fits our face and brings out our best features.

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Let's face it, short hairstyles are in, more and more women have short hair styles these days rightfully so women are working long hours have careers and children and husbands, housework and many other responsibilities that don't leave us the time to sit around and spend an unlimited amount of time styling our hair. We all agree short hair is just easier, faster and more convenient.

There are so many of these wonderful hairstyles to choose from picking the right one for you can be a daunting task. Ultimately our goal is simple, to look good. We all want the same result! Nowadays in the fashion world short hairstyles are everywhere so it can be difficult to choose what's hot and what's not. Many celebrities and musicians have short hairstyles of course with fame and fortune comes beauty flexibility. The common housewife or career woman does not have unlimited flexibility in this department.

Even swept back the thick bangs are in style today. They give the illusion of extra volume draw attention to your face. Nowadays the black short hair style seems to be in fashion. The main thing is to wear whatever style you like in the most achievable way.

There are many websites online these days where you can take a picture of your face uploaded online and try out hundreds of different hairstyles and colors to see what best fits your face and your features. Once you have chosen a couple of different styles that you think will work well for you. Simply print the picture of your new hairstyle than you can run it by your loved ones or your hair stylist.

Often a trip to the salon for advice from your stylist is best you can both share ideas and options and start with a little extra length for adjustment and style changes if you choose a style that you don't like you have a little room to play. Often with a little wiggle room it is very easy to find a style that is right for you.

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