Who Uses Hair Extensions?

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In some circles, hair extensions have recently been getting "bad press", because some extension wearers are being labelled as "cheap and tacky". The truth behind the matter is that some extensions can and do look "cheap" and certainly do not look classy, but on the other hand, some extensions can and do look fantastic and glamorous. Some extensions just look natural, which is the look that the wearer is trying to achieve! In fact, many of the best extensions do not get the good press they deserve, purely because they look so fantastically natural that many people do not even realise that the wearer even has extensions in at all!

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The types of people who are commonly associated with hair extensions are wannabe celebrities and reality TV stars, but in many cases these people have not paid for good quality, natural looking extensions. A few of these "stars" have even admitted that they have had unnatural looking extensions added to their hair because of the extra column inches that they will get in celebrity magazines from arriving at a party or red carpet event with an unconventional hairstyle. Unfortunately the more often this happens, the more prolific the myth becomes that looking "fake" is something to aspire towards.

Film stars and models are a better example of the glamorous use of hair extensions. Although many film stars who attend premieres and film festivals arrive with an immaculately turned out, natural seeming look, many of these stars will be using extensions to create their style. In many cases, it can be almost impossible to tell who has extensions in or not. In the cases of films stars and catwalk models, extensions are functional as well as highly fashionable. Models that to must do photo shoots have to change their hairstyle a lot in order to help the photographers convey a lot of different themes and images, so extensions help them to go from short length styles to longer length styles, without having to wait for their hair to grow. In film and television, scenes may not always be shot in a logical chronological sequence, or the actors may have to return to the set at a later date in order to reshoot a scene, and the hair styles of characters may change during the course of the film. Extensions are often be used in order to maintain continuity for the viewers of the film, because they look more natural than wigs.

Lastly, many "everyday" women who you see in the street or at the office will have hair extensions. The chances are that there are a number of women who you see every day that have permanent extensions in, who you had always thought had great looking, good condition, and natural hair. Although some people will be happy to tell all their friends about the high quality extensions that they have in place, many other women with extensions enjoy going quietly about their business, smug in the knowledge that many of those around them think that they have great looking, natural hair!

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