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Going for a new short hair style can be a big change, especially if you have long hair. But imagine the statement you'll make as you walk into work or school with a brand new sassy short hair style. Short hair styles exude style and class and are bound to turn heads in your direction.

Short hair styles are great for women pressed on time because they are so easy to care for and maintain. Yet, they are always stylish and sexy. However, we realize that making the jump from medium or long hair to a short hair style is a big one, especially for those of you with long hair for many years. So we've put together some pros and cons of going with a new short hair style.

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Short hair styles are a time saver, especially when you are in a rush or running late. Short hair styles can easily be washed and styled every day. Short hair styles do not require as much care or conditioning as long hair styles. You are sure to look sassy and fresh! If you don't like your new short hair style, all you have to do is wait a few months for it to grow out a bit and you can try an entirely different short hair style. Everyone will be able to see your new earrings!CONS:

If you've never had a short hair style, it definitely takes some time to get used to your new look. Short hair styles require a bit more maintenance in regards to your salon visits. You will want to see your stylist every 4-6 weeks to maintain. You may have to invest in some new styling products for your short hair style. Some may say that men do not like women with short hair styles. This is not so - your new short hair style is about you and how it makes you feel. So, go with it!How to pick the right short hair style

Be sure to talk to a stylist you trust and also to think about your face shape and hair type. Clip out some pictures from magazines of short hair styles you like and then talk with your stylist about how to achieve these looks. A smart stylist will consult with you about your face shape and the consistency of your hair before you decide on a new short hair cut.

Another option for preparation is to find a website which allows you to upload your photo and then virtually place new short hair cuts on this picture. This will give you a visual aid in deciding which short hair style is the best for you and your face.

So before you make the jump into a new, sassy short hair style, do your research and think about what style best suits you and your personal tastes. Having a great stylist and using the online tools mentioned above are great ways to get started on the path towards the best short hair style ever!

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