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Written By Wilfredo Allen on Friday, April 11, 2014 | 5:00 PM

A good hair cut is as good and important to the boy the same way it is to the girl.But this is not easy to understand unless you have lived with a teenage in your closet.

It is amazing to know that hair styles speak a lot about a man. The hair style you choose as a man will go a great while to speak of who you are as well as how you feel about yourself. Choosing a good hair style will boost your self-confidence and change your outlook.

As women will go for an hair do when faced with an important engagement, so will every man who is faced with a challenge be it an interview, date, important meeting will have his hair cut to a nice style. So as women rush to the salon so men will rush to the barber shops.

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With uplifted ego, a man will improve a lot on his performance. This is so because he will believe in himself more - which he can accomplish much even when his ability is rated below average. Good hair style will boost a man's ego to a great extent.

For men there are a variety of hair styles to choose from. It is advised that you should not shape in a way that you expose features you don't want people to see in your face. The styles range from long to short hair with many sizes in between

A mid-wave cut will give a man a natural look as long hair cuts will require more work to maintain than shorter hair. With long one will need expensive hair products to maintain throughout the day. This is why those with long hair like James Bond or Robert Redford will still look great after all.

Show me a man and I will describe his feelings and maybe his priorities just by looking at his hair style. Hair cut can perfectly describe how a man feels or whether he is confident.

People will either be drawn to listen to you or not to listen to you depending on the hair style you have chosen to have your hair cut.

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