Choose The Best Hair Style (Curly vs Straight - Which Do Men Prefer?)

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Monday, April 28, 2014 | 1:00 PM

In the recent days, men are attaching a lot of importance to their hairstyle. Unlike women, men have little options. The options for hairstyling are poor since men tend to have short hair when compared to longish hair maintained by women. However, off late, even men are showing great interest in growing lengthy hair. On the contrary, women are wishing to sport a shorter hair cut. Normally, there is a conflict of interest among men regarding the right hair cut. The difference in the hair styles depends on the season. Men would like to have a short hair cut during summer more than often while longer hair becomes the norm during winter and cold days. However, now the options have narrowed down between straight hair and curly hair. Both are preferred by men but at different occasions for a variety of reasons.

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For instance, everybody thought that the curly hair style was out of fashion. However, that is not the case. The curly hair style is making a comeback with a vengeance. It was generally presumed that curly hair cut is a very old style dating back to the early 1970s. However, the styles, just like a life cycle, repeat more than many times known to a man in a particular period. To sport a curly hair style in the yester years gave a sense of rebellion among the people. Therefore, it was common to find people sporting a curly hair whenever they had a problem relating to their college or schooling activities. However, now that trend has vanished with college circumstances not leading to any hair styles.

These days, people change their hairstyle to suit their looks. For instance, straight hair may not suit people, who have large physical appearance. It is suggested that such people seek out curly hair to match their physique. These days, technology is easily available to either straighten hair or make it curly depending on the choice of the person. Earlier, a person had to fix twines to the hair for hours together to give it a curly edge. However, now that has changed to matter of minutes. Special hair wash lotion is available using which hair can be either straightened or converted into curly.

According to a recent survey, equal number of men love to sport curly and straight hairstyles. However, the degree of the affiliation depends on the trends and preferences of the individual. Sometimes, a man might chose to change the hair style on account of personal reasons or wishes of the spouse. Some people simply go ahead with the hair style of their choice for the only reason that it meets their expectations.

These days, an ordinary hair stylist can change the hairstyle into curly or straight depending on the convenience of the customer. However, the hairstyling required to be done in accordance with the wishes of the consumer does not cost much when compared to older days. These days, sporting even a pony tail cut for men is considered extremely fashionable.

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