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Written By Wilfredo Allen on Saturday, April 5, 2014 | 11:00 AM

Many women today are experimenting all over the globe with new hair styles. But the challenge lies with what to ask for? When you enter the salon and sit with your stylist what are you looking for? a lightweight cut that will boost volume and texture in your style? For instance do you want mess appeal? Where you can wake up and rub a putty or clay into yoru palms and rub vigorously into your hair? Or Blast your hair dry with the stongest setting on your hair dryer for a natural body look? How about cuts emphasising sleek hair like asymmetric bobs, long layers and full fringes?

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With a good hair style you can maximise your hair's natural flow and remove dulling split ends. Some of the most wanted hair styles this fall are super smooth bobs with a delicious dark shade. Or try sectioning clips that are handy for getting a perfectly sleek look. Glossy locks are back and looking healthier than ever so use a deep conditioner.

Dark shades are back for fall and flattering a short cut while boosting shine. If you prefer you can also go for slices of light and dark tones to give you extra texture. If you are considering short then consider this. Short looks are best for girls with small features, round faces and oodles of confidence. Fine hair with a ton of texture can be achieved by going short. Before you decide book a consultation with your stylist this way you are prepared for the cut and have had enough time to decide what is right for you.

Hair Styles for Fall

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