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When I say haircuts, what comes to mind? If you are male, your mental pictures are most likely pretty limited. If you are female, the choices are innumerable. Let's talk a little bit about hair styles in general and how some of these styles apply to both genders.

While I was growing up, my father always wore the flat top style. I was graduated from high school before I realized that my dad had wavy hair! Styles changed and so did his, although he was a bit behind his particular change. I have seen the both the flat top and the buzz haircuts resurrected from the days of my youth, and, while I prefer longer hair on men, I must admit that some guys are quite handsome in them.

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There are many more style options for men these days, ranging from the aforementioned flat top and buzz cuts to layered cuts to the Mohawk and the completely shaven look. The more traditional and business-like look of the side parted, cut out over the ears with sideburns haircut still looks good on many men. I come from Italian heritage and the men in my Mom's family all have really curly hair. Needless to say, they all keep it short and sport the "natural" look.

How about women's haircuts? I could go on for several pages talking about the hundreds (or even thousands) of those. For the sake of brevity; we'll just keep it in the short, medium and long categories.

While, we ladies don't usually consider such haircuts as flat tops and buzz cuts, there are some pretty short cuts that never seem to lose their appeal. There are spiked short cuts, curly short cuts and smooth short cuts for ladies in Oregon City.

In the medium length range, there is the standard shag cut that is still around but boasts of a few new variations to keep it in style and the layered look that is great if your hair is curly or wavy.

In the long category, the layered look is still very popular as well as being very easy to maintain. Of course, in the medium and long lengths you can choose to have your haircut done all in one length.

Perms, colors and highlights all add to the variety of all of these styles for men and women alike. Wow, what a variety of haircuts are available in Oregon City.

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