How the Condition of Your Hair Can Affect Your Psyche

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Monday, April 14, 2014 | 3:00 PM

Hair plays a vital role in your personality. It can be one of the reasons for your approval or refusal by certain groups, and social classes; its styling can help you or detract from your career progression. Hair has a major affect on your psyche.

Normally, women are more cognisant of their hair than men as their hair is their crowning glory. Therefore, if their hair state is bad, they lose self-confidence. They tend to feel insecure about their appearance and the way the world and the people around them think of them. Hair loss is a very common in the present times. It affects people of every age, i.e. teenagers, adults and old age people. It specifically generates psychological and emotional disruption in teenagers, as hair adds beauty and charm to your personality.

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It has been logically proven that on losing hair women tend to suffer more sensitively, and psychologically than men do. In fact, the psychological effects on women are much harsher than on men. A probable reason is that women are much more conscious about the way they look. This leads to a deeper psychosomatic outlay. They go through a disturbing anxiety due to hair loss. Sometimes, women imprison themselves within the house even due to hair thinning and avoid attending social events and public places.

Male hair is representative of virility and power. Therefore, hair loss can represent the loss of virility, strength, and resistance. Female hair is usually viewed as a seductive tool with the colour and length being used to give them style. Long hair represents lushness and availability, while short hair is self-governing and forceful. The lessening of female hair means loss of sexuality and femaleness. Lack of shine and body of hair shows poor personal grooming.

People feel annoyed, unappealing and unaided about hair loss. Poor hair condition also results in depression, because people relate hair loss with aging and transience, as some people become so insecure that their school and work suffer. This is because a person is bound to be sheltered in his or her insecurities by examining how much hair they have lost, and whether or not their hairless spots are visible.

Hair conditions also affect a marriage, sexual commotion and mutual relationship. It can make a person feel embarrassed in bed, and in front of their loved one. This in turn can add a lot of strain to a relationship; if one partner does not think good of himself, even the other one would not. Many women assume that their hair loss can be as bad as losing their virginity. The harsh effect of hair loss in women can lead to despair, anxiety and even more severe emotional predicament.

When one feels like he/she is not receiving the respect or love he/she deserves, lack of confidence is sure to become evident in his personality. The mishmash of all the above effects make one evacuate within him/her. The result is self-compassion, the most destructive of all negative forces. Thus, it is better to look for treatment and make harmony with it instead of falling in the ambush of negative feelings.

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