How to Cut Short Hair

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For those who have or want to learn how cut short hair, look no further, you found the article. Here we will talk about the basic cutting of short hair for women.

The first step is to find a photo of the short style you want. It may be easier to do this online. Wherever you find your example, try to make it a simple one, as this will be your first cut. The second step in learning how to cut short hair is get the hair wet. Clean hair is also easier to cut, so giving the hair a quick shampoo can take care of both. If you cut dirty or dry hair, your scissors or shears will be dull quicker.

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Make sure you know what length you want. Just like clothes, the hair will shrink a little after it dries, so keep this mind as you begin to cut. A tip to keeping the hair wet is to have a spray bottle handy during the process. You will be able to manage the hair better, as shorter hair tends to dry faster than long hair. When you choose the scissors or shears, choose a pair that you know is sharp. Do not use scissors that are not made specifically for cutting hair. You want to use equipment for cutting hair, not paper.

You are ready to begin. In learning how to cut short hair, it is best to start by cutting small sections. You should have already decided on the correct length. Trim the underlying hair first. Use a pin to pin longer hair to the top of the head. They are the layers that are closest to the neck. When you are done cutting these, unpin the longer sections from the top of the head and start cutting them also. The last section of hair to cut is the front, commonly called "bangs".  This will assist you know the length and more about they style. While you are cutting do not forget to look at both sides of the head to make sure you are getting them even.

This was a "no-frills" basic lesson on how to cut short hair. Information on short hair styles and cuts is easy to find online. One of the last things you want to have is a mirror that will allow the one getting their hair cut to see what the back of their head looks like. Learn how to cut hair easily.

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