How to Get Punk Hair

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Punk has been around since the seventies. What started as a music genre evolved quickly to a fashion lifestyle that is standing out from traditional fashion styles. Let`s have a look at a few considerations if you want to create a punk hairstyle:

The haircut

For men there are a few options. The most famous one certainly is the mohawk. It can be done in different styles. Either with huge spikes or with a smaller stroke of hair with small spikes (2 - 4 inches). Another option is to shave figures in your relatively short hair. Shaving bald is also not uncommon in this fashion style. Either way, if it looks cool, it is probably perfect.

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For men the mohawk really is an attention grabber in public.

For women the attention usually is grabbed because of the uncommon and bright colors. Their hairstyle is either short hair or short hair on one side and longer hair on the other side.

The color

As mentioned before women usually have very bright colors like pink, blue, green and red. Make sure the color fits the rest of your face and clothing style.

Men can color their hair as well. Either fully or just the upper ends of their spikes. Since a few years the latter is applied more often.

Men: How to make a mohawk?

Making a mohawk is not very difficult. The most difficult part is making it strong enough to survive till the end of the day. As you can guess one of the most important ingredients of creating a mohawk is the fixation product. There are all kind of wild west stories about using car oil, real glue and other stuff. While these products do make your hair stiff, they also damage your hair and could also leave a bad small after a few days. You should better stick to fixation products that are meant to be used in your hair, either wax or gel.

Make sure you use a lot of fixation, because your hair has to be really strong. You have to end with hairspray which is the finishing touch to make it rock solid.

You can style your mohawk using a hair dryer and a brush. Make sure you do not set the speed level of the blower too fast or you will knock over your beloved spike.

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