How to Straighten Hair at Home

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 | 9:00 AM

Hair straightening is to give hair a clean and straightened look. This makes hair look healthy and free of curls. There are hair straightening treatments for men as well as women. One may not get enough time to go to a beauty salon to get his or her hair straightened. There is a simple technique by which you can straighten your hair at home. Let us discuss the steps involved.

a) First step is to wash hair with gentle shampoo. You can check the pH label to check if shampoo is gentle enough. After washing, you have to apply a good quality conditioner. Conditioner should remain for nearly two minutes. Once done you can wash off the conditioner.

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b) After conditioning, you have to apply a good quality hair serum. Many top brands like garnier, loreal make real good quality serums to choose from. You may also check reviews from top sites to choose your product.

c) Now take a comb (rotatable comb) with soft brushes. With comb you can style your wet hair in any preferred manner. If you have short hair, you may not need comb. Instead you can style with your fingers. This is applicable to men with spike styles or women with short hair.

d) Now take a hair dryer in hand. Set heat level to minimum and use a very precise nozzle. A precise nozzle is very essential to focus on small portions of hair. Without disturbing the hair styling or alignment, gently blow hair using the dryer. Take care not to over blow as it would result in a dry hair.

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