Long and Luscious: The Hair Styles of Today

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Long hair continues to be popular across the ages and around the world. In ancient cultures, it was a sign of fertility and beauty. Today, women wear their hair long to be fashionable and trendy. And not only is naturally long hair popular, but so are hair extensions. Extensions are an easy way to make a dramatic change in your appearance. Extension products have evolved to the point where they are usually undetectable.

Popular Long Hairstyles
There are many long hairstyles that are trending right now from the classic straight look to ringlets, curls and long layered looks. You may have noticed one of your favorite celebrities at an event with a short style one day and stunning long style the next. She probably had hair extensions woven into her hair by a top Hollywood stylist.

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Extensions are a wonderful way to get the gorgeous look that you are striving for without having to wait the many months it takes for your hair to grow to your target length. Quality human extensions are virtually undetectable and can hide a bad haircut from an overzealous hair stylist. With hair extensions, you can change your look easily and without doing anything permanent.

Caring for Long Hair
To keep long hair looking great, try these tips, which can also be applied to hair extensions. Before washing, gently brush your hair. This will rid your hair of any tangles that could get worse during the washing process. Wash your hair using a quality, nutrient-rich shampoo, then use an equally nourishing conditioner and leave it on for at least three minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly and add a final rinse using cool water to close the hair's cuticles. Avoid using heat since it can damage it and encourage split ends, but if you need something, you could try hair serum to protect your hair. Do not use tight bands, particularly rubber bands to hold hair in a ponytail, as they can cause hair breakage.

Wearing your hair in an elegant and gorgeous long style can draw many admirers and compliments. Use quality products on your natural hair or extensions to protect the hair and get amazing results. Taking care of your hair extensions is not difficult or time-consuming. And if you use top-of-the-line extensions, they will hold their look for a long time.

Long hair has never gone completely out of favor, and while the styles may change, the overall desire for beautiful long styles will always remain.

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