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There's a very big difference between good short hair and bad short hair. Bad short hair makes you look unconcerned about how you look, lazy, and generally unfeminine. These are the mop-heads you see walking down the street that cut their hair short simply because they're too busy or disinterested to care for their look. Good short hair is totally different: it allows you to change your image in a split-second. One day you're looking absolutely delightful with those girlish curls bouncing around the place you made with a curling iron, and the next day you're business-savvy with that straight, executive look with a few swipes of a flat iron. So just what determines whether short hair is good or bad for you?

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It's really simple: hairstyle.

Unlike long hair, hairstyles for short-hair don't need tons of maintenance and meticulous care. With long hair, you're forced to spend a lot of time and money if you don't want to look like some crazy ghost that pops out of your TV screen when you watch a cursed video. With short hair styles, a little love and care is enough to make you look good and feel good.

So what do you need for you, yourself, to give your own short hair the loving' and styling' it deserves?

Professional Advice - Stylists are called professionals for a reason, and amateurs are called so because they end up destroying instead of styling hair. They can provide you with a catalogue of styles to choose from, and will best help you visualize the looks on you. And if you've got the time, they're going to give you the best possible fix-up you can get for the versatility your short hair offers.

It's all you - Interview your stylist to get some tips for the style that suits different aspects of you: your face, your body, and most importantly, your personality; ask how a curling iron works too! Jet-straight hair won't exactly work for girls with thin facial features. Likewise, a peppy, curly look isn't the best choice for the CEO who's going to head a meeting with other executives about a corporate merger.

Accessorize - a given for every woman. Accessories will make or break the look you're trying to get. However, accessories have double the effect for women with short hair. When you've got short hair, be very selective of your accessories, especially with jewelry adorning your upper body. Necklaces, earrings, amulets and hair ornaments stand out much better when your hair is short, and have two possible effects. They'll either complement your hairstyle or make you look more divine, or will clash with your hairstyle and make you look like a circus freak.

Get the right stuff - When you're confident enough to tinker with your hair, get a good set of hair-care tools: brushes, combs, curling irons, and flat irons are some of the basics tools for your hair. Creams and gels, in all their dizzying numbers, will help you manage your hairstyle, make it look better, and keep your hair strong and healthy. For hair-care products and tools, the brand-name counts: Karmin, FHI and Corioliss are some top-tier brand names to consider.

Just because you've got short hair, doesn't mean you can let it run wild. Whether you're deciding between a flat iron and a curling iron, the ruby necklace and the pearl necklace, Cream X and Gel Y, your short hair is going to shine if you're willing to give yourself enough love to shine. So start loving it, and your hair's going to love you right back!

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