Tips to Straighten Hair

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Do you have curly hair and want straight hair? Do you have curly hair and want tips to straighten your hair for special occasions? Keep reading for some of the best tips I have collected in all my days as a curly girl.

First you need to decide if you want to go straight permanently or temporarily. I suggest you try some of the temporary options first before you jump in for something more lasting. Although straight hair can be so shiny and smooth and seem to be so easy to take care of it may not be the best look for you. Stick straight hair does not look good on all women. Some people just need a different style to frame their face best. So it may be best to check it out and get used to it first.

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The easiest and oldest way to get straight hair is to use a hair dryer and a brush. These days you can get an ionic hair dryer and use it with a ceramic styling brush to get great results. To get even straighter hair with less effort try a straightening iron or flat iron. You can get a basic straightener like a gold plated one or you can go for newer technology like ceramic, tourmaline or ionic. These are considered to be less damaging on the hair and can give you straighter hair in shorter time. Although hair styling tools, no matter the material, can not claim that they are good for your hair, the newer ones do give better results. You can more easily get smoother, shinier and healthier looking hair which has less frizz and static.

When buying a flat iron be sure to look for one with several and adjustable heat settings. Different hair types require different flat iron temperatures. Thick and coarse hair needs a higher setting while fine and fragile demands lower. Also, if you do go with a ceramic straightener do not get one that is not solid ceramic. Ceramic plated ones do not last very long. Check out the model in your hands. If it feels too heavy now it will feel even heavier when you are holding it up your hands for a long period of time. The other thing that will make styling easier is a swivel cord so it does not get tangled up. As a rule you will get a small plate, about one inch, for short hair. For hair that is past your shoulder you may want to consider a wider plate so straighten goes a little faster. I have found that most women with even long hair prefer the one inch plate as it is easier to maneuver. If you only need a touch up flat iron try one specifically made for travel. These are cordless and small enough for your pocketbook.

Now that you have the perfect straightening flat iron you are ready to go to work. Let your hair either air dry or give it a quick blow dry. It is best to straighten dry hair as wet hair is very fragile and prone to breakage. Apply a flat iron serum or a straightening protein treatment to further protect your hair. Part hair in small sections and glide the flat iron from root to end. If needed go over the same section a couple of times to get the results you want. Remember it is better to do extra passes than have the heat setting on maximum.

Now if you like that the results you get from flat ironing and you would like to have this type of style for an extended period of time, you can go ahead and consider permanent hair straightening.

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