Using Hair Feathers To Create Any Look - Diversify Your Style Portfolio

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 | 3:00 AM

It's no secret that women have often relied on hair extensions, cut or color to improve lackluster hair or to add pizzazz to a boring style. With the new hairstyle trend being hair feathers you no longer have to spend hours sitting with a stylist to get the color and texture you want.

It is important to all of us that we display a unique sense of style, and that is especially true when it comes to choosing a hairstyle that defines who we are. Rather than the cumbersome procedure of a full head of highlights or hair extensions, feather extensions are easy to apply at home in just minutes. When you want your style to look like it took a lot of time without actually taking a lot of time, consider hair feathers to get the job done.

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Before you purchase feather extensions you should decide if you want animal hair or cruelty free feathers. Ultimately this is a personal choice for each individual, but it is a decision you will have to make before you begin your search for brightly colored feather extensions.

Colors - One of the most important aspects of choosing the right hair feathers is color. The colors you choose will determine how much versatility you'll have in creating multiple looks. When choosing hair feather colors it is important to find combination packs that have multiple colors so you can choose your look any given day.

Purchasing multiple packs of single color feathers can become quite an expense, which is why your best bet is to choose multi-color combination packs that include a wide range of colors including reds, blues, pink, purple and green. If you're lucky enough to find feathers in other colors like turquoise, gray, brown and plum then you can get the whole rainbow, which will greatly increase your style portfolio.

Styling - Many people are turning to the extensions to enhance their style because they lend themselves very well to styling. Whether you want a bone straight style, curls, waves or anything in between feather extensions blend easily with any style you want. Use them to add your own sense of style to your work look, and then curl them to match your after work look.

Hair feathers fit any sense of style, whether you have short hair or long hair. Cruelty free feathers come in long lengths so you can change them as your fashion sense dictates. If you simply want to add a splash of color to your bangs, trim them to the length you need. If you prefer long romantic waves then simply style the feathers as you style your hair.

The key to successful styling of hair feather extensions is to be creative and treat them as you treat your own hair.

Application - Before you decide which feather extensions to buy you should make sure you'll be able to put them in easily. If you display your sense of style at work as well as at play then you need extensions that don't take all day to apply. Even if you spend a little more time getting ready to go out with friends, you don't want feathers that are a hassle to put on.

Although there are plenty of tools widely available to help you apply just about any type of hair feather extension, you will lessen your frustration by buying hair feathers that are easy to put on and take off. If you're a corporate executive you don't want to spend an hour removing feathers from a night on the town.

These factors will help you decide which hair feathers are best for your style needs. Variety in color and styling will allow you to display your style on your terms.

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