Women's Hair Loss - Reasons and Remedies That Can Cure This Problem!

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 | 11:00 PM

If a man is suffering from hair loss problems then you can say that it is a normal issue but if the victim is a lady then the problem of losing hairs is very alarming. According to several surveys it has been revealed that billions of women all around the world have long hairs and they prefer this hair style but very few of them have short hairs. Few of them shorten their hairs for the sake of fashion and the remaining is suffering from hair loss problems.

Women's hair loss issue is quite serious and you have to take precautionary measures to get rid of this problem because the beauty of the girls also depends on her hairs and style. The main reasons that cause this problem of losing hairs among women is health issues like pregnancy, depression and anxiety. If a woman is suffering from one of these problems then she can lose her hairs with time. Most of the people do not pay proper attention on this issue because they are not a girl.

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The main reason that is responsible for the thinning of hairs in woman and men is DHT. Usually, all type of issues regarding hair loss caused by DHT. Well, apart from DHT the other factors that cause hair fall are also mentioned below. These factors are quite responsible for women's hair loss. Below, few of these factors are discussed along with their symptoms.

Hair Fall due to Thyroid:

The other major factor of women's hair loss besides DHT is overactive or underactive working of thyroids. This imperfection in working of these thyroids results in thin hairs and with time the hairs start falling and a man or woman start getting bald.

Consumption of High Dose Medicines:

The other major factor that is responsible for losing hairs among women and men is consumption of high dose medicines. Usually, the potency of these medicines is very high and it starts affecting the thyroids of human body. This reaction then results in women's hair loss. Moreover, consumption of drugs in large quantity is also another main reason of losing hairs. So, if you want to get rid of this problem then I will recommend you to find a trustworthy and well reputed clinic of transplanting hairs.

Lack of Vitamins and proteins in Body:

The third main reason of women's hair loss among women is shortage of vitamins and proteins. The only best way to overcome this problem is consumption of tablets that contains vitamins and proteins in great quantity.

Consumption of Healthy Diet:

As you know, women are quite anxious about their health and gaining of weight and this weight gaining phobia results in diet. This diet then result in weakness and the weakness is the major factor of losing hairs. Therefore, always try to take healthy diet instead of avoiding good quality food only for the sake of weight loss treatments.

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