Female Haircuts In Bootcamp, And How To Avoid A Hair Butchering

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Friday, May 2, 2014 | 7:00 AM

If you are a female interested in a career with the United States Armed Services you will be receiving much of the same treatment as your male counterparts. There are a few differences when it comes to bootcamp aka basic training, which relate to your feminine needs, one of which is the haircut process. While looks ultimately don't matter, I will still give you some hair tips that may help you have a more enjoyable basic training experience.

Bootcamp or basic training is not easy. In addition to being physically demanding you will also find that it is emotionally, mentally, and yes even academically demanding. In order to facilitate this experience, there will be certain standards that you are required to adhere to so that you will not be distracted by the unimportant things

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The most important one, as far as many female recruits are concerned, is the policy regarding hair. The idea is that you do not want to be distracted by having to care for long or complex hair styles. Another possible explanation is that they don't want your hair looking too attractive so as to distract the other (especially male) recruits

And so you are subjected to a military haircut soon as you arrive at basic training. For the guys this is easy. The military barbers will simply shave it all right off. No questions asked, no attention to style

Unfortunately, while the regulations for women are different, the attitude and approach is the same. Women in basic training are required to have short hair that does not get in the way of working. This is the ONLY things paid attention to by military hairdressers

When you go in for your haircut they will simply snip your hair until it is short enough, without paying any attention to details like style, or even-ness of the cut. Many recruits find themselves staring helplessly in the mirror after a haircut, crying over their uneven and terrible haircuts. The more clever will even attempt to even it out using a pair of cosmetic scissors or nail clippers if available

There is an easier way of course, but takes prior planning. Once you know your exact ship-date, plan to have your hair chopped really short just days in advance. The shorter you cut your hair, and the closer the style is to your head, the less likely you will be bothered about it in bootcamp. This allows you to dictate your own style and choose a look that you are comfortable with.

If your style is short enough so that it doesn't grow past your collar in the few months of basic training, you will never have to endure the military barbaric barbers

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