Stop Thinning Hair in Women

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 | 9:00 AM

Hair that is in the process of becoming sparser is called thinning hair. Or in other words, the scalp is losing hair.

In the past, dealing with thinning hair was usually described as a male problem. However, today more and more women are at risk of suffering from thinning hair.

In the USA alone, 30 million women have thinning hair. But this number will only increase in the future - four million more women will have thinning hair in the next ten years.

The problem becomes more serious as the population ages. By age 65, 48 percent of all women experience thinning hair. Hair thinning in women is more spread out over the area between the crown of the head and the bangs.

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There are many causes of thinning hair in women. Some of them include genetic predisposition, health problems, medications, stress and trauma, poor diet, over processing your hair.

The best approach to stop thinning hair in women is to discover the source of the problem. Here are some general tips for reversing thinning hair:

- Use hair care products particularly designed to add volume to your hair.

- Use hair restorative shampoos and conditioners because they reduce the occurrence of thinning hair.

- You can try permanent or semi-permanent color to give body and volume to your hair.

- Avoid hair products that include alcohol.

- Use styling products in moderation because too much will weigh your hair down.

- Avoid long hair because it will only emphasize the thinning. Go for a short hair cut.

- Do not use a blow dryer directly on your hair.

- Eat healthy diet and take vitamin and calcium supplements

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