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Okay, let's face it. Women are obsessed with beautiful hair! Silky straight hair, fabulous curls, feisty bangs, or short edgy tresses, every woman wants a gorgeous hairstyle. Call this vanity, but girls will always be girls. Some even spend a ridiculous amount of money to get that perfect look, while others conquer hair issues one step at a time. Now, do you want gorgeous short tresses? If you do, well this article is for you. You know, having the perfect style strengthens your assets, emphasizes your bone structure and gives an age-reducing effect. Maybe it is time to cut them short and go for a new trend! Short hairstyles for women are also a fashion staple these days.

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Does Short Hair Exhibit Masculinity?

Women's main concern of having short hairstyles is that they will appear unfeminine. Luckily, there are various hairstyles that could make you look feminine and flatter your look. With proper proportion and execution, your spanking new hairstyle will absolutely bring out the best in you.

Short Hair Is Not For Everyone

There are sufficient short hairstyles for women; however, not everyone is fitted for this style. Certain considerations like the shape of the face, hair texture and volume must be taken into account before cutting your hair short.

Bangs to the Rescue

Short hairstyles for women are often the popular trend especially during summer. They are easy to keep up and style. But do you know what can make your short tresses even more stylish? Bangs! Bangs are a great way to lighten up and compliment the short hair. They can soften large forehead and make you look more edgy. A great example is a layered short hair with groovy bangs that can outline the face.

The Dos and Don'ts

Short hair varies in length and style. In figuring out the perfect cut for you, identify your best and worst features, and your height.

Very short hairstyles for tall women may look masculine and powerful, while stunted hair for females with round-shaped face can make the face appear fuller. If you have a round face, pick a cut that is longer than your chin. However, when you have pointy chin, avoid growing your hair right at the chin.

Maintaining Your Healthy, Short Hairstyle

Short hairstyles, even those with ultra short length and volume, must be given extra care too. Avoid trimming your hair yourself and confer with a hair expert for your hair concerns to avoid hair damage. Also, wash your hair everyday and use mild products that would be necessary for your hair.

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