Straightening Short Hair

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Thursday, April 17, 2014 | 11:00 AM

Short hair is easy to be styled as the effort and time required for styling is less as compared to the long and thick hair. Most of the women today have no time to maintain it properly because of which they choose to cut their hair short that may give them more control over their hair. But, when the time comes for getting ready for a special occasion, they are left worried in the thought of how to style their short hair.

But, short hair even if they are short bobs or short pixie-cut can easy be styled to accomplish different styles with the help of a flat iron. If you are also having the same problem in straightening your short hair and to dress up in a lovely hairstyle, then here are simple tips for you to follow. In order to style it perfectly, you should first equip yourself with styling equipments such as a wide-tooth comb, ceramic blow dryer, clips for sectioning, finishing product like serum and finally a 1 inch or 1 and a half inch flat iron for straightening your hair.

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After having your hair washed and dried that can be done quickly as it takes lesser time to be even towel dried, the next process is of course sectioning for the styling process. It may require the divided sections to be clipped firmly to the head as it can easily fall out if not clipped properly. Only start with the process of styling, if you are sure that your entire strands from root to tip have been dried. You can blow dry it with a hair dryer to get your hair dried completely for the process. You can release each sections of hair from the clip to while straightening your hair.

If you hair is somewhat long, then hold them 90 degree to start styling. You can quickly straighten it as you will have better control of your short hair. You hair will acquire a pin-straight appeal after repeating the process of styling with all the sections. Rubbing some finishing product will help retain the style for the whole day.

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